Frequently Asked Questions

~ Where is LLT 2020?

This year we are at the International College of Musical Theatre  68 Wallis Rd, Hackney Wick, London E9 5LH

~ Do I need to sign up as a COUPLE?
No, you do NOT need to sign up with a dance partner, but we want the numbers to be perfectly balanced so some preference might be given to couples.

~ If I want to register with a partner, do we have to send in SEPARATE applications?
Yes, each one of you must send in your own separate application. However, please let us know if you are registering with a partner as a dance couple. We cannot guarantee that both of you will be accepted, and if acceptance as a couple is a condition for you joining our workshop, please let us know in your application.

~ Is there an application DEADLINE?
We’re accepting applications as long as we have space available. When the workshop is full, it will be stated clearly on the front page.

~ WHEN will I know if I have been accepted to the workshop?
We will review applications as we receive them, and send out confirmations in the weeks following.

~ What type of video are you looking for?
We want to see what your dancing looks like. Ideally your video will:
– be properly lit (vs being shot at night in poor lighting)
– have a simple backdrop
– include at least 4 swing outs
– show full body (feet, hands, head, etc.)
– be social dancing (instead of a routine…that’s a different workshop)
However, if the best quality video of you is during prelims at a contest, please tell us what you and your partner are wearing so we can find you. Otherwise, head to your local dance early (while the lights are still up), bring a partner and perhaps a speaker, and have a friend record you dancing 180bpm+ from a cell phone.

If you have trouble uploading a video to Youtube, please watch this How To. You are welcome to make this video UNLISTED and then send us that link. If you have further questions, please email London.LindyTech@gmail.com

~ What is INCLUDED in the workshop price? Are housing and food included?
Included are the classes with Kevin & Jo (10 hours over 3 days) and 5 hours of Rehearsal Time. Housing and food are NOT included in the workshop price.

~ Cancellation Policy?
Once you are accepted, you have until February 26, 2018 to cancel and receive a full refund minus a small transfer fee. If you must cancel your registration after that date, we can only refund you if we can find somebody of your same role to fill your spot.